Public Safety Consulting Canada (PSCC)

Kevin Brandvold

Who is PSCC?

Kevin Brandvold is the President, CEO and Founder of this Alberta based Corporation. PSCC was built to provide the highest quality proactive traffic safety education available for all industry and stakeholder clients. Kevin's professional background includes policing and extensive service with the Government of Alberta as an Expert Traffic Safety Consultant, mobilizing individuals, agencies and communities to improve traffic safety. Kevin maintains membership with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP), Southwest Alberta Road Safety Society (SARSS), Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), Canadian Agriculture Safety Association (CASA), Canada Safety Council (CSA) and is invested in life long continuing education. Kevin's PSCC all star team have significant professional backgrounds in law enforcement, health / social services or a combination of both. Instructional excellence is the highest priority for us, and due to extensive "boots on the ground" experience, our team is truly exceptional at what we do.

What is Our Plan?

PSCC will provide high quality traffic education programs and resources that will create positive changes in driver behaviours. We believe taking a team approach to address traffic safety efforts is best to serve the needs of our clients. By working with our clients as a collaborative partner, we can dramatically increase individual traffic safety awareness by using tools such as our Roll Over Simulator and/or Fatal Vision goggles to educate folks on distracted and impaired driving. If through our efforts, we can prevent even one fatality, we will have achieved the ultimate success, by protecting a family or community from this horrific experience.


PSCC will work to suit the operational needs and timelines of all our clients. We realize many folks do not operate 9-5, and we are mobilized to provide presentations anytime required. By working directly with our clients, this will reduce any unplanned expenses to mobilize team members in central locations.


PSCC services and educational presentations are 100% mobile. Our Roll Over Simulator (ROS) is also mobile, although we require an indoor area for the formal presentation that accompanies that program. If we are utilizing the ROS in cold climates, it is best if we have an indoor location for maximum program impact.

Why PSCC? Our VIP Service guarantee:


PSCC traffic safety programs are competitively priced and designed to accommodate our clients needs. Program expense can be as low as $75.00 per person. This is a great value, that will in turn help mitigate employee health risks, and your motor vehicle risk exposure both on and off highway.


PSCC Instructors are all highly experienced in providing education to reach all audiences. We believe in a common-sense approach to make this instruction interactive and something folks will retain. We're optimistic that through our efforts, people will pass on what they've learned to others, and in turn become safer drivers.


PSCC is here to work as a seamless part of your team, bringing a professional educational element into your organization that is results oriented. Traffic safety affects us all, thus our clients become family. We all have a vested interest in making sure everyone gets home safe to their loved ones.