Corporate Traffic Safety Presentations

Corporate Traffic Safety

The corporate world is fast becoming leaders in promoting traffic safety within their organizations. One of the most difficult liabilities for companies to mitigate, is motor vehicle assets spread over a wide service area. Through continued education, we can help make a positive influence to ensure your corporate culture of traffic safety is embraced throughout your organization.

Every year in Alberta an average of 350 people are killed and 20,000 are seriously injured in preventable motor vehicle collisions. With an average of 140,000 collisions reported to police annually, this poses a significant risk for you to be involved in one of these incidents. Even good drivers make mistakes.

PSCC is available to provide formal or informal presentations on subject matter important and relevant to your industry operations. We are highly experienced presenting at:

  • Company safety meetings
  • Executive retreats
  • Formal Corporate AGM's
  • Trade Shows
  • Remote camp locations

PSCC will work with your staff to identify and address potential traffic safety issues within your corporate environment. We will develop a collaborative plan to mitigate risk, and deliver solutions to enhance your employee's on and off road health and safety.