Fatal Vision Impared Driving

Fatal Vision

Our program is designed to be interactive, and takes a common sense approach to demonstrate the importance of making responsible choices

Classroom Power Point Instruction

  • Types of Distraction and the Law
  • Drug Impairment and the Law
  • Alcohol Impairment and the Law
  • MADD / SADD and ways to become positively involved in your community

Fatal Vision Demonstration

  • We use Fatal Vision Alcohol Simulation goggles to demonstrate the effects of alcohol impairment

  • We deliver an evidence-based program to engage participants in a hands-on demonstration allowing them to experience with a sober mind the simulated physical and cognitive impairments of alcohol; including slowed reaction time, reduced peripheral vision, and loss of equilibrium.

  • This experience will help participants realize how susceptible they are to the potentially dangersous consequences of alcohol impairment when driving and even while walking.

  • Participants will be given a standard Field Sobriety Test by our Instructor, first without any impairments (Fatal Vision), and then will repeat the tests using Fatal Vision impairment.

  • Final Summary and group discussion on the subject matter.